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What's been up?

Marcie and I went to Colorado with Marcie's family:

And we got another puppy!

We decided that, since Bella's buddies (the cats) are moving into their new pad with sonikep, she needed a playmate. So, we adopted Sandy. He's the same age and mix as Bella.

There are more pictures here.
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They are too cute! That black dog looks an awful lot like a Basenji mix. His face is set very similar to my boy.
wow, they're so cute! hooray for new pets. I just got a second kitty last week and it's so great. having two is more than twice as good, with the added benefit of being less than twice the work.
so cute! i want a hundred dogs. in response to your prev. question no idea what mix my bella is. she is black & tan, lang-legged & curly-tailed, they found her running along the highway in northern ontario farm country. definitely some husky, maybe some shepherd, maybe some doberman, rottweiler, -- wolfhound?? god only knows. must refrain from pulling out pictures & telling you all about her dis/likes. good luck with the new puppy.